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sudo swapoff -a

sudo swapon -a

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What I want
Want AMP version for articles. Maybe discussion or other text, not changing entries.

Quick ideas
Because AMP has different tag set, i should have different layout for AMP version.
AMP links should be different too. I dont want to send query parameter in URL (like ?amp=1), I

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What i want

Want to find possible bugs in new controllers i included into psalm static analysis.


I included several new files to analysis and result is

142 errors found
Psalm can automatically fix 8 is
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Simple way to show your localhost content to your clients.

simple as:

./ngrok http ...

Limited free usage, but still good for normal usage.

Then just copy ngrok url and send to clie

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Is case you need to download web page data...

$data = file_get_contents('');

$rows = explode("\n", $data); // save it to DB or file...

$client = new Client(HttpClient::create(['timeout' => 60, 'proxy' => $rows[

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