Chooly — Chooly helps you master your personal finance smartly.

“ Hello hunters, this is Terry from Chooly. We are happy to introduce our newly launched app to the product hunt community.

Chooly is a modern personal finance app, that allows you to track assets, understand spending, analyze investment performance, and plan for a better future.

I used to manage my personal finance through a spreadsheet until I’m tired of the manual effort. Then I found that available personal finance products either focus too much on budgeting or are quite outdated. More importantly, none of them can achieve what I wanted:

  • Filter and search spending history easily.
  • Track every cash flow related to a rental property.
  • Analyze whether the rental property yields a better return than my stocks.
  • Model the net present value to decide whether to sell or hold the property.

Then we realize that these problems are common to the majority of middle classes, and are actually solvable through technology. We believe that if we build better financial tools, we can help people make better data-driven financial decisions. So we started building Chooly.

The core idea of Chooly is to help people manage their personal finances like managing a business. When managing business finance, you use Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement. When making business decisions, you use tools like cash flow analysis, net present value analysis, sensitivity test, etc.

What we did was to adopt those ideas into personal finance, and present them in an intuitive and user-friendly way. For example:

  • Your balance sheet can be updated automatically through connection to banks and brokerages.
  • Your income statement can be a nice chart showing the net worth growth factors in a period of time.
  • Your planning tool kit comes with tools to model cash flows of different scenarios (e.g.

Feel free to try out the app yourself. I’m happy to answer any questions. ”

    – Terry


Chooly - Chooly helps you master your personal finance smartly | Product Hunt
Chooly helps you manage your personal finance by leveraging well-established business financial methodologies, including: - Your personal Balance Sheet - Your personal Income Statement - Your personal Forecasting and Planning
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