PC Case Fan Cable Big 4Pin to 4Pin Fan One Point Four 1 To 4 Extension Cable For Computer

Specification Product name Big 4Pin to 4Pin fan one to four extension cable This interface can be used for 3Pin and 4Pin Product length 30cm Conductor material Silver plated oxygen free refined copper Rated temperature 60 200 degrees Product voltage 12V Wire color silver white Product interface One end is a large 4Pin D type connector for the power supply and the other four ends are a fan 4Pin interface Product function Make the computer motherboard CPU fan use the big 4Pin interface to supply power Features 1 Suitable for CPU plug 3Pin 4Pin is not enough or the motherboard 3Pin 4Pin interface current is not enough etc Mainly to extend and expand the motherboard 3Pin 4Pin interface 2 This wire is a 4Pin interface and 4 wires can actually be used Because the big 4Pin interface only has power supply only 2 wires are needed so only two wires are used Package Included 1x PC Case Fan Extension Cable

Price history

Aug 8, 2022
Apr 18, 2022