ROCKSON Tuya Smart Life WIFI Temperature Sensor Heating Boiler Cool Controller Remote Switch Thermometer Thermostat Alar

Description It is a WIFI timing temperature controller which can realize temperature monitoring and multi period timing heatingOr refrigeration control high or low temperature APP push alarm The product is suitable for various commercial and industrial occasions such as HVAC system thermal water process boiler breeding intelligent electromechanical equipment and other heating cooling control systems Working power input AC220VMain Features 1 Real Time Supervision Controller and App display real time temperature at same time 2 Start stop heating or cooling equipment remotely via App 3 Preset Hot or Cold working mode can auto turn on off equipment when it reaches to the preset temeprature value 4 Set upper and Lower limit value of temperature alarm real time push alarm notification to users smartphone 5 Scheduled on off can timing control equipments 6 Can use button A and B to turn on off equipment and set auto start stop temperature value manually so the controller can still work via manual operation when WIFI is offline Note Temperature alarm notification to App is only available when network is online Preset Hot or Cold working mode When the preset start temperature is higher than stop value it is cooling mode For example xx ≥25 °C start the cooling equipment xx ≤10°C stop it When the preset start temperature is lower than stop vale it is heating mode For example xx ≤5°C start the heating equipment xx ≥20°C stop it Set upper and Lower limi

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Apr 18, 2022