eWelink BASIC-2.4G DIY Bluetooth Switch Smart Light Switch Universal Breaker Timer Ewelink APP Wireless Remote Control H

Description 100 Brand New and High Quality Please note that this product is not a WiFi controlled smart home product it is a RM 2 4G controlled smart home product APP eWeLinkSay bye bye to the routerStill worrying about WiF without 2 4G band Are you crazy about pairings that often fail with unstable signals BASIC 2 4G is based on the Bluetooth protocol As long as the mobile phone has Bluetooth function long press the device pairing button for three seconds to achieve APP remote pairing so that novices who have no experience in smart home use need not worry about pairing problemsYou can choose to download the eWeLink APP or you can choose to implement control in the WeChat applet eWeLinkWhen used with 2 4G remote control the unique eight key design can distinguish the equipment in each room of the home by room and control all equipment in different rooms through different keys It can also realize one key all off when going out DIY smart life from now on Except for the 7 and 8 buttons which are fixed to full on and off other buttons can be defined as switches that control multiple devices in accordance with their actual needs When using the WIF protocol I always worry that the device is too far away from the router and the signal is not good causing the device to be offline and uncontrollable With BASIC 2 4G no router is required and it can be directly controlled by mobile phone remote control which stabilizes the remote control distance of 50 meters and

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Apr 18, 2022