AF1010 Pipe-type Voltage-type Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Anti-chemical Pollution of Dust-proof Probe Humidity

Specification Product size L 70mm W 60mm H 240 28mmVoltage output 0 10VWorking Voltage 15 36V DCMeasurement Limit Temperature 40 80 ℃ Humidity 0 99 9 RHMeasurement accuracy temperature soil 0 5 ℃ Humidity 3 RH 25 ℃ Resolution Temperature 0 1℃ Humidity 0 1 RHAttenuation value temperature 0 1℃ year Humidity 0 5 RH yearResponse time 8sStorage Range Temperature 0 60 ℃ Humidity 90 RHProduct power consumption 20mAWeight 110 3g Description AF1010 pipeline voltage temperature and humidity transmitter uses capacitive digital temperature and humidity sensor as humidity measuring component with stable and reliable signal processing circuit converts temperature and humidity in the environment into corresponding standard signals and chooses high quality integrated digital temperature and humidity sensor to ensure the excellent transmitter Long term stability low delay and strong resistance to chemical pollution the transmitter has excellent repeatability Package Includes 1 X AF1010 pipe type current type temperature and humidity transmitter1 X Product outer packing box1 X Black flange1 X Fixed screws with two screws1 X Sealing ring1 X Product specification

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Apr 18, 2022