Bioby Electric Wearable Breast Pumps Portable Breast Milk Extractor Hand free Massager USB Silent BPA Free New Baby Acce

Feature Comfortable to Wear SoftFlexible different from other hard plastic Breast Shells whole ours was made of food grade silicone PP ABS safety BPA free and phthalate free when collecting milk fit breast well very comfortable ensuring that the baby drinks safe milk 9 Suction LevelsSwitchable 3 Modes With adjustable 9 levels and switchable 3 modes Massage mode help you push the milk out of milk ducts and reduce the discomfort of breasts To help you get more milk and gives new mom more choice and comfort Hands Free Pumping Available in 3 Sizes Containers come in 3 sizes 19mm 21mm and 24mm Reference our sizing chart see product images for sizing chart to determine your size for optimal pumping experience ReusableEasy to Use With LED screen for easy operation touch button and different indicator lights correspond to different working modes 30 minutes timed turn off Anti backflow Design The electric breastfeeding pump designed with a closed system to prevent milk from flowing back or overflowing so you no need to worry about leakage Moreover the wearable breastpump with quiet operation make your baby can not get disturbed while you are pumping Be careful not to lie on your side or on your back pumping Hands Free Breast Pumps has strong suction force and you can pump on the go No matter do housework at home or go outside or enjoy your own peace time It is perfect for a busy mother who works plays sport wants to go shopping or go out for an evenin

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Aug 15, 2022