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LG’s latest Tone Free wireless earphones have a more useful feature to go along with the bacteria-killing UV charging case: active noise cancellation. Each earbud has three microphones that monitor and cancel out sound waves from all directions, lett...
LG unveils the first Tone Free wireless earphones with ANC
LG's HBS-FN7 is the first Tone Free model with active noise cancellation that lets you tune out your environment.

| Oct 26, 2020, 8:52:05 AM
Wouldn’t it be helpful if a food tracking or recipe app could determine what you’re eating just by detecting what’s on your table? You might get your wish. Researchers at Microsoft and multiple universities have developed Capacitivo, a smart fabric s...
Smart fabric can recognize the food you put on the table
Microsoft and others have developed a smart fabric that could recognize the food on your table, or even lost keys.

| Oct 25, 2020, 10:02:03 PM
Space weather like solar flares could seriously disrupt electronics and satellites, and the US government might soon mount a better defense. President Trump has signed the PROSWIFT Act (Promoting Research and Observations of Space Weather to Improve...
Newly signed law aims to limit the damage from space weather
A newly signed law, the PROSWIFT Act, will help predict and limit the damage from solar flares and other space weather.

| Oct 25, 2020, 9:02:04 PM
Ask VR fans about their gripes and they’ll likely mention the “screen door” effect, or the gaps between pixels that you notice when looking at a display so close to your eyes. That annoyance might disappear entirely if Samsung and Stanford University...
Samsung, Stanford make a 10,000PPI display that could lead to 'flawless' VR
Samsung and Stanford have developed a 10,000PPI OLED screen that could lead to completely seamless VR displays.

| Oct 25, 2020, 8:22:04 PM
Oculus’ move to require Facebook accounts is creating serious problems for some of its biggest fans. Windows Central reports that Facebook is banning Oculus users who simultaneously use more than one VR headset linked to the same social network accou...
Facebook is banning Oculus owners with multiple VR headsets
Facebook is banning Oculus users who have multiple active VR headsets tied to the same account.

| Oct 25, 2020, 7:22:04 PM
PayPal may be friendlier to digital currencies, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving everyone a free pass. Mashable reports the payments giant has terminated the account for domain registrar Epik, known for serving right-wing havens like Gab and the Pro...
PayPal drops domain registrar Epik over its 'alternative' digital currency
PayPal has terminated domain registrar Epik's account over the legality of its currency, although Epik is accusing it of political bias.

| Oct 25, 2020, 6:32:03 PM
You’re in luck if you want a higher-end fitness smartwatch without paying a premium for it. A Garmin sale at Amazon has dropped the price of the 47mm Fenix 5 smartwatch to an all-time low of $250, a full 50 percent off the official $500 sticker. You...
Garmin smartwatches are on sale at all-time low prices at Amazon
Garmin is selling some of its older Fenix and Vivomove HR smartwatches at all-time low prices on Amazon.

| Oct 25, 2020, 4:52:06 PM
After a deluge of nonstop news for the past few months, we finally hit a bit of a lull last week with only a handful of crises happening each day. Like Quibi. After being valued at something like $1.75 billion even a few weeks ago, the short form str...
After Math: Quibi keeping it short in every sense of the word
Jeff Bezos will have his company town, dammit, and he doesn’t care how many synergistic crossover deals between various holdings within his retail empire he has make to get it done! ‘90s kids are old enough to remember when Hummers were the Darth Vaders of eco-friendly transportation, seemingly purpose built to guzzle gas.

| Oct 25, 2020, 3:42:02 PM
The tech industry has lost one of its most important figures. Samsung has revealed that Chairman Lee Kun-hee died on October 25th at the age of 78 after spending the past six years in hospital following a heart attack. The company didn’t name his suc...
Samsung's influential chairman Lee Kun-hee dies at 78
Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee, who made the company the giant it is today, has died at 78.

| Oct 25, 2020, 3:22:05 PM