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The Notifier component sends notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS and chats like Slack and Telegram). In Symfony 5.2 we’ve improved it with the following features.

Symfony profiler integration

Contributed by
Jan Schädlich
in #36479.

One of the main missing features of the Notifier component was the lack of integration with the Symfony debug toolbar and profiler. In Symfony 5.2 we’ve fixed that. First, the debug toolbar now displays the number of sent notifications and the channels used to send them:

Symfony Notifier Web Debug Toolbar

If you click on that toolbar section, you can see the new Notifier panel in the Symfony Profiler, which displays a summary of the notification activity:

Symfony Notifier Web Debug Profiler Metrics

You can also inspect the full details of all sent notifications:

Symfony Notifier Web Debug Profiler Details

Return sent messages

Contributed by
Jérémy Romey
in #36611.

In previous Symfony versions, the send() method of each notifier didn’t return anything. Starting from Symfony 5.2 they return a Symfony\Component\Notifier\Message\SentMessage object, which provides access to the original message and transport and to the ID of the sent message, making it easier to debug.

New integrations

The Notifier component already integrates with lots of third-party services, but in Symfony 5.2 we’ve added a ton of new integrations:

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In Symfony 5.2 the Notifier component is easier to debug and provides integration with lots of new third-party services.

| Oct 23, 2020, 8:33:04 AM