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Free services

You dont need to pay.
  • Registration into product catalog - базарная площадь. Your products are assigned into categories.
  • Your products are imported daily
  • Your product are available in fulltext search - Поиск
  • Your products are shown in product detail, in bottom box.

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  • Shown in top shops in product detail based on next table. In below table are examples of product price and click cost
    Product price Credit cost Price in your currency
    1EUR 4 0,05 $
    10EUR 6 0,07 $
    100EUR 8 0,10 $
    1000EUR 10 0,12 $
    Click is counted only in 24hours / 1 user. So if same user click on your product 19x per day, cost will be same as user clicked only once.
    Everything will shown in your click statistics (number of clicks and price).
  • Service increase visibility - 200 credits. Valid for 30 days.
  • Job offer - 1000 credits. Valid for 30 days.
  • Job increase visibility - 200 credits.